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on October 6-7 2019, in Kiev, experts OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY participated in "S - congress" medical community for professionals in aesthetic medicine, where professionals shared their personal experiences, the author's techniques and cases discussed in the gated community of doctors Secret. Doctors Only.

the speakers of the Congress was such a wonderful m aesthetic medicine, I. E. Khrustalev, El Salvador, Fundaro, E. A. Razumovsky, A. Y. Turkevich and many others. Scientific head of the company "OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY" and Interdisciplinary INTEGRAL AESTHETIC Congress, the chief physician of the "Center for intensive cosmetology and anti-age therapy" Svetlana Larkin spent the moderation of life-demo: "Kings of fillers: scientific entomologicheskij approach in detail" in the session "Evidence-based medicine. The results of the research as a performance indicator".

In the Expo area, "S congress" was presented to the innovation of world leaders – manufacturers of products for the aesthetic medicine. Near the exhibition stand OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY was very busy and I wonder if a magnet of the Congress participants were attracted to the atmosphere of friendliness, competence and location to make new acquaintances.

Our experts acquainted the participants of the Congress with the company's products Luminera (Israel) - one of the leading companies in the global market for injectable drugs premium aesthetic medicine, talked about the unique differences of medical device JETT PLASMA LIFT (Czech Republic), designed for skin rejuvenation and non-surgical blepharoplasty.

In turn, doctors of aesthetic medicine shared their personal experiences in working with the products Luminera, emphasizing main advantages: security (multi-level quality control), a wonderful instant effect, prolonged action and excellent ratio price-quality, and most importantly, conveyed the emotions satisfied and happy patients who admire the results!

We had two rich in events and chat of the day, confirmed their professional status, stressing the individuality and openness in the work, there were many interesting acquaintances and positive emotions.

we Thank the company ESTET for the excellent organization and friendly atmosphere.

Also thank Natalia Markov (doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist, Certified coach at Aptos methods. Medical Advisor companies Regen, Compex Jett. Member of the Association of Aesthetics’ Injections) and doctors of aesthetic medicine Inna Sinabi (Khmelnitsky), Natalia Vishnikin (Kyiv), Anita Shvets (Kiev, Ukraine), Dmytro Ishchuk (Kyiv) for an open, honest and positive feedback on cooperation with OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY.

Until we meet again in Kiev on 14 November 2019, on the scientific-practical conference "step-by-STEP INTEGRATED PROTOCOL of CORRECTION of AGE CHANGES of the PERSON taking into account the DIFFERENT MORPHOTYPES of AGING"!

we Will be glad to new acquaintances and live communication!

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