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December 5-7, 2019 charming winter lions United specialists of aesthetic medicine and physicians in related specialties at the VI European Congress on injection techniques.

OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY represented the company Luminera (Israel) – GOLD partner VI INJECTION CONGRESS, and we are happy to share impressions about participation in this event.

Experts OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY hosted near the exhibition stand in the expo-zone, which attracted members of Congress his informative, hospitable, positive and pleasant conversations. We introduced the doctors with the company's products Luminera (Israel), which confidently holds the leading positions among world manufacturers of products for injection cosmetology. It is pleasant to note that among the visitors of our exhibition stand many doctors are familiar with the products Luminera, were trained in our workshops and use the filler and Buster - Luminera revitalizants in his work.

Special attention would be given to the report of Svetlana Larkina (PhD, scientific Director of the Congress of AESTHETIC and INTEGRAL to the company OCC-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY, head doctor of "Centre of intensive cosmetology and anti-age therapy", a regular speaker at international conferences, holder of 8 patents and author's certificates in the field of aesthetic medicine (Ukraine, Odessa), which was December 6, 2019. in the session "Management of adverse events and complications" gathered a huge audience of Congress participants and spoke on the topic: "Occlusion when working with Sana, research and the true story"
After the speech, Svetlana Larkina had a lot of personal contact with doctors, interesting professional discussions because the topic is very relevant and in demand, and the report is based on in-depth scientific knowledge and priceless as a whole.annum personal experience the authentic stories of the practicing professional with years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

For the three to participate in the VI CONGRESS INJECTION we expanded the boundaries of knowledge and competences, get acquainted and communicate with thinking, developing professionals shared knowledge and exchanged experiences. And yet it was very atmospheric, and of course we are all inspired to achieve new goals!

we Express our gratitude to Yana Alexandrovna yutskovskaya the – supervisor VI Injection Congress for the unification of the most popular speakers of aesthetic medicine
the magnitude and information content of the event.

we Thank the experts of aesthetic medicine: Lukas, Catherine (Odessa), Galai Victoria (Mukachevo), Yakovlyuk Olga (Odessa), Denis Lebedev (Kyiv), Chaika Natalia (Kyiv) for reviews about drugs Luminera (Israel).
Thanks to the company Estet – for the excellent organization and the winter of the lions thank you for your hospitality and inspirationIX.

All members of Congress have development, success, great results. We will be glad to continue the dialogue!

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