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From 20 to 22 June, 2019 Chisinau (Moldova) held an international Congress CosMedEx. The fourth season, which combined educational platform of aesthetic medical professionals for the exchange of relevant professional information and experience.

Experts OKK EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY participated in this event as an interdisciplinary development, continuous education and increasing knowledge is one of the priority tasks of our company.

At the session of the Congress "Protocols for the prevention and treatment of complications" interesting and vovlekayut report was read out by Svetlana Larkina on the theme: "Be vigilant - patient cosmetologist at a reception at the dentist. Be careful - the patient of a dentist at a reception at the beautician". Svetlana Larkin shared with the audience his personal experience on the examples of clinical cases showed the importance of interaction related professionals: doctor of aesthetic medicine, dentist, podiatrist sometimes, because the incorrect aboutthe SLE patient may also affect the problem with which the patient is turned. There are cases, when patients go to a specialist of aesthetic medicine with the specific request to fix some the shortcomings of the lower third of the face, not realizing that this is a problem of a dental nature. In this case it is important to understand the cause of these deficiencies and to recommend or direct the patient to consult related specialist doctor dentist. Another option, when the patient has made some kind of aesthetic correction, most often it is the area of the lips, and the patient goes to the dentist for the any dental problems. After which the patient observed adverse events associated with the deformation of the aesthetic correction, and the dentist does not understand what to do with it. The report Svetlana Larkina focused on the fact that it is extremely important that the multidisciplinary experts worked in collaboration, were able to correctly assess the problem and make a joint decision about the treatment of the patient. This interaction will help to avoid mistakes that have to be corrected for the fact undesirable complications caused by incorrect assessment of the problem in the beginning. Because only a competent, professional and comprehensive approach to the problem of the patient gives a good result for all: healthy and happy patient is the best reward for a professional job!

Among the participants of the presentation area of the Congress was attended by world leaders – manufacturers of innovative products for aesthetic medicine. Experts OKK EXPERT COMPANY represented the company TM Luminera (Israel), official and exclusive representative of this company in Moldova. All products Luminera – premium, have CE certification and meet the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, are recognized as the most safe and effective, and have won the trust of patients and the wider circles of specialists in aesthetic medicine. We introduced visitors to our presentation stand with the innovation and new products from Luminera, talked about the benefits of products, sharing knowledge and practical experience in the application of these products.

international Congress CosMedEx. The fourth season, we remember the hospitality of Chisinau, Moldova's traditions and delicious cuisine. We talked a lot and discussed on relevant topics, to gain knowledge, share experiences, have confirmed their professional level, and of course all the positive experience of participation in this event brought to Odessa. Because very soon, in August 2019. we will gather at the most informative site of aesthetic medicine – "Health 0�nimac screen 2019-12-20 in 09_40_17.png" />

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