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may 31 – June 1, 2019. in Kiev was held Aesthetic Medical Synergy Congress, which brought together leading experts of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. June 1 in the educational program of the event "synergy techniques of aesthetic medicine" with a presentation by SVETLANA LARKINA - head of research of the company OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY and Congress AESTHETIC INTEGRAL PhD, doctor of the highest category.

Topic: "beware: the patient is a cosmetologist at a reception at the dentist. Be careful: the patient of a dentist at a reception at the beautician".

the Report aroused great interest among the participants of the Congress, as it is based on real examples of patients and combined clinical events when patients come to the dentist after cosmetic intervention and received some adverse events. Most often the patient comes to the doctor of aesthetic medicine with some specific request, and in this case it is very important for the doctor to assess the problem comprehensively, SOSTableA step-by-step treatment plan and procedures. It is not only important skin, which we see is also important to state the underlying tissues, bones and teeth. Great importance is tandem, when aesthetic doctor can assess the condition of the soft tissues, but also bone structure, the facial skeleton or to refer the patient to adjacent a specialist, and together with it to accept a comprehensive treatment plan. The main purpose of the report was to inform the audience that treatment decisions should be made comprehensively, with the participation of physicians of allied specializations: "beware of dentists, and you, dear experts of aesthetic medicine, be careful if the patient has a dental problem, it is very difficult to work, so we need to explore together the patient's problem and to make joint decisions about treatment."

In the framework of the Synergy Medical Aesthetic Congress, we showed the clinical cases of comprehensive approach to solving aesthetic problems with the use of the company's products LUMINERA (Israel).

SYNERGY MEDICAL AESTHETIC CONGRESS 2019 will remember the scale, high qualification level of the participants, interesting sessions and presentations of colleagues, discussions, innovations and positive energy "scientific Themis".

it Should be noted that every participation in international medical events we affirm and raise our professional level and strengthen the cooperation with world leaders of the medical community and of course share your achievements!

we Thank the organizers of the Congress, and separately Tsepkolenko Vladimir Alexandrovich for an interesting event!

we are pleased to invite respected members of the Medical Aesthetic Synergy Congress to continue the dialogue in Odessa from 8 to 11 August, 2019 at the International Congress of HEALTH

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