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From may 16-18, experts OKK EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY participated in the X-th jubilee Congress of aesthetic medicine, held in Odessa and consisted of precourse, three days of the Congress and postcourse.

the X-th jubilee Congress brought together professionals of aesthetic medicine, all those who stood at the origins and develops the industry, the Congress participants showed their achievements and shared their knowledge, bringing its contribution to the development of science.

We spent emotionally charged, intense days, made many new discoveries have confirmed their professional status, shared their achievements, emphasizing the individuality in the work, correctly placing accents, enjoyed listening to an interactive session and looked interesting life-demo, there were manyabout discussions on the "sharp" theme, and a lot of that gives energy and positive results professional

At the session "a synergy of methodologies: pros and cons" a report on the topic: "Comprehensive approach to rejuvenation of the periorbital area" made Svetlana Larkin, PhD, doctor of higher category, scientific Director of the company OKK-Expert Pharma Company and is Integral Aesthetic Congress, the chief physician of the "Center for intensive cosmetology and anti-age therapy" (Ukraine), our inspirer and a great professional. In the session Life-demo "than
the uniqueness of the techniques? Svetlana Larkin gave a demonstration and presentation on "Correction of the chin area. The volumes and lines. Harmony and proportion".
Among the speakers of the Congress would like to acknowledge the wonderful, informative reports speakers: Sergey Shelekhov, Alexei Kaituna, Tatiana Yurchenko, Irina's Karluchenko, Galina Naumchik, Alla of Grabchenko, Elena Baibarina, Karina Shinder, Constantine Sulamanidze, Sergei Iha, Andrew Daniszewski, Anna Funiculi, Egor of Kolodchenko, Olga Bondarenko, Elvira Chovhan and many others. Thank you for significant contribution to the development of science!

In the exhibition hall of the Congress showcased the innovations of the world leaders in aesthetic medicine, demonstrated the latest technologies and achievements. Brand TM Luminera presented our company - OKK EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY as the official and exclusive distributor in Ukraine and Moldova. Experts OKK EXPERT COMPANY held with members of Congress advice on products TM Luminera, acquainted with the news, talked about the benefits of drugs, and also imparted practical knowledge on the application and techniques.

Five days of the event flew like a flash, increase our experience and knowledge, making the wonderful memories, light the charm of the warm may of Odessa and of course inspiration.

we thank the organizers of the event, the company Estet for the wonderful atmosphere and hospitality.

Thank the scientific leader of the Congress Alexander Turkevych - PhD, dermatologist, oncologist, associate Professor of dermatology and venereology Lviv national medical University. D. Galitsky, Professor of dermatology and venereology Rome University. John. Marconi (Ukraine, Lviv) for a creative approach to the organization of the event and a great motivation.

see you in Odessa from 8 to 11 August, all participants of the Congress we invite and expect at the International Congress of HEALTH

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