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Anatomical dissection course, February 15-16 2019, Prague

February 15-16, 2019 in Prague (Czech Republic) took place anatomical dissection course "Volumetric methods for the correction of facial aesthetic medicine (fillers, syringe liposuction, fat grafting)". The training took place at Charles University – the oldest institution in the world, led by a wonderful coach Khrustaleva I. A. – MD, head of the Department of plastic surgery FPO LGU im. AK. I. P. Pavlov (St. Petersburg, Russia) and organized by OKK-EXPERT PHARMA COMPANY.

the course was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The first day was dedicated to the theoretical part on the topic: "Applied anatomy of the face and aging from the point of view of the volumetric correction. Volumetric methods corthe reaction of the face in aesthetic medicine". The entire first day of the course participants literally absorbed the interesting and exciting reports I. A. Khrustaleva, S. A. Larkina, G. M. Khrustaleva, after each thematic block was followed by discussions and live debates.

At the end of the first day of training, all really wanted this day did not end... Much discussed, thinking about innovative solutions, learned a lot of new information about possible complications and types of facial aging.

the Second day of the anatomy course was dedicated to practical exercises on the topic: "Practice. The face anatomy and injection step by step." The participants were divided into groups and did a practical part under the guidance of coaches: Khrustaleva I. E., Larceny S., Khrustaleva G. M., Petrishin V. M. I would Like to note the coordinated work of the teams, all were able to hone their practical skills and learn new techniques.

At the end of the anatomy course were awarded diplomas. The course participantsTali is more competent in matters of anatomy, honed his skills in performing procedures in various areas of the face become more confident and one step closer to the goal in his beloved profession. I would like to note that all of these wonderful two days was warm, friendly and very positive atmosphere, all the band members are true professionals, worked very smoothly and consistently, met interesting people and learned a lot.

After a tasty Czech cuisine, the participants left for their countries, taking with them a piece of warmth winter Prague and new knowledge.

Special gratitude to the host, to our Czech friends and partners, for assistance in organizing a course of Medical Esthetic and personally Natalia Markova.

Until next time! Wish you all success and to realize all our plans!

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